Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Babies on my mind -- part 2

Still no baby today, but here’s a nice baby quilt to show you.

I’ve talked before about how my friend Juanita Yeager is the best scrap-donator in the world. When she puts a “scrap” into her scrap bag is might be two inches square or it might be three feet square. She is of the mindset that when something doesn’t work, she wants it outta here, right now. That makes her a great friend for somebody like me, who is of the mindset that if it’s big enough to see, it’s big enough to save.

So a couple of years ago Juanita and I went to a Nancy Crow workshop on curves and circles. Juanita, of course, made glorious work, but she didn’t like much of it. So this study came home with me under the guise of “scrap.”

One day I needed a baby quilt and didn’t have much time, so I unearthed this top. Juanita had worked in Kona cottons, my favorite brand for solid colors or dyeing, so I was able to open my own Kona stash and find some green to match the green Juanita had used in the original. This enabled me to put the baby’s name on the quilt.  I decided to put the name in the white quadrant, since that's the color that magnetically attracts urp and poop and I wanted to minimize that big expanse.

Sorry to say I failed to photograph the quilt after it was quilted.


  1. Love how the extra green transforms the quilt - how did you quilt it?

  2. I don't remember!! Probably just parallel lines from edge to edge, my default quilting design. Lily's grandma read this post and said she would send me a photo of the finished quilt; when she does I'll post it.