Thursday, September 20, 2012

Embroidery update 2 -- faces

Hard to believe that we're almost three-quarters of the way through 2012, but a daily art project has a way of reminding you how time passes.  A couple of years ago my daily art project required labels that said "Day 264," which really kept the issue front-of-mind.  But this year I see how long the sewed-together panels are getting.

I've picked up a few new themes since the last time I reported to you.  Recently I've been trying to do faces.  Since I don't draw, this is a challenge.

This guy is drawn in my own style -- I frequently doodle whole pages of faces in the crowd and they all look pretty much like this.

Copied this one from somebody's drawing -- can't reconstruct who it was or where I saw it.

Copied the next two from Picasso.

Here's a faux Picasso.  (He does it much better than I do.)


  1. Very inspiring! I absolutely love this project of yours.

  2. Have you done a self-portrait-face? I love the Picasso!

  3. maybe one of those green ladies is me! you'll never know