Sunday, September 2, 2012

Photo suite 36 -- Ken on vacation

As we have vacationed in many beautiful places around the world, we have noticed many of our fellow tourists taking pictures of one another rather than of the magnificent scenery in front of them.  On a trip to Greece and Turkey I did an art project in which I photographed my husband in notable places (although you'd never know it to look at the photos) in the style of those tourists.

Ken at Hadrian's Arch, Athens

Ken at the Acropolis, Athens

Ken at the Agora, Athens

Ken at Troy

Ken at Ephesus

Ken on the ferry to Chios

Ken at Pergamon


  1. I like the pictures of Ken and what classy backgrounds!

  2. I am with you. Who would know the historic spot versus us just being there? The glories of travel and knowing history seep into the soul and create emotions that a picture can't capture.


  3. What a good looking guy!

  4. Recently my brother and I went through all of the old photographs of my parents. The only photos we kept were the ones showing either my mother or my father or both. All of the many which they took during their travels which were only scenery really did not tug at the heart strings like the portraits did.

  5. Very interesting comment about the photos of your parents. Clearly the value of photography is in the eye of the beholder. I guess I'm being selfish when I travel: I shoot what I want to remember, not what I want my children to see. Later I can put myself into the photo mentally if I want to. I never have photos of myself on vacation. Perhaps my children will just delete them all in the fullness of time.