Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas ornaments -- the reveal

 I wrote several weeks ago about how I got my Christmas ornaments done this year at a shamefully early date -- all but a couple were finished by Halloween.

Here they are awaiting distribution.

The secret ingredient is PVC pipe inside to give the crackers their shape.  (They're called crackers because in England, candymakers would package their goodies inside cardboard tubes loaded with a bit of explosive substance.  When you pulled on the ends, the package would CRACK! open.)

PVC pipe has to be one of the least expensive building materials around. I got eight feet of it for about $4.  The fabric for the wrapping came from an old upholstery sample book (free) and the laces, ribbons, decorative braids and faux holly berries had all been sitting in boxes and drawers for many years waiting for their moment of glory.

Every year the ornaments constitute a new challenge: finding a design that is different from all those that have gone before.  If I'm feeling ambitious and the creek don't rise, I may come up with an idea as early as summer.  If life intrudes or inspiration eludes me, I may be madly sewing or glueing on Thanksgiving weekend.

As the list has grown, so has my investment of time, but I can say that the hours I spend each year on this project are sweet.  As I embroider the names I think of the people and what we share.  Adding a new name to the list is an occasion of joy -- this year, a new baby, the pale-blue Luke at front left -- subtracting a name is an occasion for remembering.

My wish for all of you is that today will be a sweet day of joy and remembering.  Merry Christmas!


  1. what a wonderful tradition! I bet everyone looks forward to these every year.

  2. Indeed., being one of the lucky recipients, I must admit that it is one of uggdd great joys of the season to ummwrap ammd see what yott came up with this year. And now to see at least one of ours imm the picture. Thank you for enriching our tree and lives.

  3. Cute idea. Marti proudly showed us the ones you have made in past years for them.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Love the idea of making an ornament for everyone... also for using the pvc pipe.

  5. I love receiving a Kathy ornament. It's really a special treat. Thanks, dear friend.