Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Collage post mortem 1

One of the pleasures of doing a daily art project is that at the end of the year you can go through what you have made and reflect on what you have done and what you have learned.  I hope you will indulge me on this trip down memory lane as I look back at the collages I made in 2013 and try to find some themes and successes.

I have already written about how in midyear I shifted my modus operandi from arranging shapes in a graphic design on a plain background to composing scenarios on a found background.  My concept was to make a little narrative each day, with people doing something.  Often you wondered exactly what they were doing; other times it was clear, but funny (perhaps because the scale was distorted or because the people were in incongruous settings).

Here are some of my favorites:


  1. Okay, these are cool/funny! Where did you source your images? I have forgotten if you did mention it.

  2. mostly cut them out of newspapers and magazines. I have also started to cannibalize my old set of encyclopedias

  3. They have a rather "Monty Python-ish" feel to them. You're so daring to cut up an ENCYCLOPEDIA!!

    1. yes, I feel transgressive. but what is so useless and obsolete as a 35-year-old encyclopedia? My first cannibalization project was to find 30 articles that were laughably out of date (e.g. about space travel and computers).