Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Collage post mortem 3 -- the eyes have it

I wrote last year about how the eye became a recurring motif in my daily hand stitching in 2012.  Not surprisingly, that carried over into my collages in 2013.  At the start of the year it was pretty heavy-handed, just collections of eyes looking at you.

But I got a little more subtle and complex as the year went by.   (And yes, a bit disturbing, I'll admit.)

Often I would paste new eyes onto a face.


Sometimes I would make "eyes" out of other objects.


  1. What compelling imagery! Eyes are powerful images, and I find myself drawn to them in my own work. I love what you have done with eyes in your collage series.

  2. These are fascinating. What will you do with them? Sell them? Wouldn't a framed set of six be interesting? A collection of collecting in a way.

    1. Right now, I just HAVE them. I would love to have a chance to display them in public.

      Somebody suggested that I get an old card catalog drawer and just put the collages in it, since they're all pasted onto catalog cards. That was a great idea, but it came too late, as I had already covered up the holes and if I re-punched them it would obliterate some of the art.

      If I ever do have a chance to show them in public maybe I'll just pin them all to the wall.

  3. Those are fantastic! I bet the whole collection would make a fascintaing coffee table book! I just had some photos of my work complied into a kind of look book gift for the holidays and I was so impressed with the end result. Make a book! That way you can share and keep the originals. It's really easy. I used Blurb.com.