Monday, November 21, 2016

Drawing update -- stealing from my blog friends 1

I'm a great believer in stealing ideas from other artists, and have been doing it enthusiastically in my daily drawing project this year.  When you need to do a different drawing every day, it's good to get an injection of fresh subject matter every now and then.  And when you're doing it every day, it doesn't take long for the original stolen image to morph into your own work.  (That's why I encourage others to steal my ideas too -- let's pass along every jolt of creativity we possibly can.)

Many of my best stolen ideas come from my blog friends, such as the Adam-and-Eve theme I got from Margaret Cooter's blog earlier this year.  And I have stolen another idea from her: the "travel lines" that you get by sitting in a bus, car, train or plane and letting the bumps of the journey make interesting lines on your page.  (Check out Margaret's travel lines here.)

This fall I've been doing travel lines as my daily drawing whenever I find myself in the passenger seat.  I've been blessed with smooth flights recently so my airplane lines aren't all that interesting, except for some big bumps upon landing.

My car rides have been a bit more eventful, at least to look at my sketchbook.

Thanks, Margaret, for a great idea, and happy travels.

You can look at all my daily drawings here.


  1. Your "drawn words" identifying the journeys are the icing on the cake.
    Yes, let's pass on every jolt of creativity we can!

  2. i love these.....simple idea but produces great results.

  3. I love these too!
    I took Sandra Brownlee's workshop a couple of years ago, and she got us to walk around the block and hold a pencil on our paper at same time - Mine turned out to be an organic spiral - and then we were to stitch our drawings.
    I have not finished the stitching of course- but thanks for reminding me about it.