Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hanging the show

Yesterday afternoon I hung my work at Pyro Gallery in preparation for our holiday showcase boutique.  Each member of the gallery has wall space, so the show will be a rare opportunity to see everybody's work on display at the same time.  We're all hanging salon style, trying to cram as much art into the space as possible!

For so many years my exhibit opportunities have involved ever-larger works that require huge "body  bags" or cumbersome boxes of rolled quilts, but since we were encouraged to show more affordable pieces and I had only about ten feet of wall, I went into my boxes of old work and found a bunch of  small quilts.  My husband couldn't believe it when I brought my entire batch of things out in a single small box!

I was pleased to discover that many of these older pieces still looked pretty spiffy.  Most of them are from my "Shards" series, in which I was using bits and pieces left over from my own or other people's work.  I think most of these small quilts are abstract landscapes; when I started giving them names they were called "Red Mountain" or "Purple Mountain" or "Little Green Mountain" or "Red Sky at Night." Although my style of quiltmaking has changed radically since I was doing these little pieces, I am still proud of every one of them (actually, the ones I wasn't proud of are long gone, doled out over the years to B- and C-list gift recipients).

Here's my wall.  I'm used to having this kind of space occupied by one quilt, not 21, but we'll see what happens with a bunch of little things instead of one big one.  (Thermostat not for sale.)

Our show opens with a reception on Friday night, December 2, from 6-9 pm.  If you're in the Louisville area, please drop by sometime in December; we're at 909 East Market Street and we're open Thursday through Saturday 12-6 pm.


  1. I’m interested in knowing how/if you display the title/price for these pieces??

    1. The tags weren't up yet when I took this picture. I'll show you later this week.

  2. I can't wait to see the show. The Pyro Gallery is always fun and inspiring.

  3. looks just terrific hanging together. Enjoy the compliments and sales!