Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Fixing the curvy quilt

I wrote several weeks ago about a quilt that I sold after it had been hanging in a medical office for several months.  I was unhappy to see that it had warped away from the wall, as much as four inches out.  Clearly this was something that needed to be fixed before it went off to its new owners.

Thanks to all my blog readers who made suggestions!

After much thought, I decided to sew three additional sleeves horizontally across the quilt, with slats that extend practically to the edge.  A trip to Home Depot introduced me to a new product that I had not been familiar with -- PVC plastic lattice.  I decided that would be better than wood because it's not acid.  It cut like butter with my little pull saw, but the cut ends, of course, were white, which would be jarringly visible in the sleeves.

I suppose I could have experimented with paint, but my default mechanism for fixing things always involves the sewing machine.  So I stitched one end of the sleeves shut, and made a little flap on the other end to tuck in and conceal the white slat.

The quilt reached its new home yesterday afternoon.  I hope it's happy there, and that its edges will hug the wall in perpetuity.


  1. I'll have to look for the PVC lattice. I'm doing more pieces that require additional structural support and am always on the lookout for new materials/options.

  2. What a great tip...something to bookmark for sure! Thanks!!!

  3. don't you love working out a solution!!! You did great. Thanks for showing us.