Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Good news on tour

Many times I've sent a quilt off for a show, knowing that it will be on tour for a while.  I tend to kind of forget about these travelers, having said good-bye without a firm idea of when they will come home.  At the moment I have two travelers, both in SAQA exhibitions that are getting wonderful exposure around the world.

Last week I got a message that Forced to Flee, the show about refugees that is now on display at Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts in Melbourne FL, will be going to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham UK in 2022.  Before then it will be at several museums in the US.

Tired and Poor

Then this morning there was another message, saying that Masterworks: Abstract & Geometric, which has been on the road since it debuted in Houston in 2017, will be going to Germany next year.  The show has already been in three venues in Japan, and will be going to China in September.  It just closed earlier this week after a two-month run in Memphis.

And here's a little bit of my quilt in the banner of the email, at the far right:

Crazed 16: Suburban Dream

I wasn't able to see the show in Memphis but Jackie Watkins sent me a picture of my quilt there.

I always think of that quilt as being pretty big (81 x 55") but it sure looked puny next to the huge piece next to it, whose maker I do not know.  (But they're in the same color scheme!)

SAQA's shows are the main reason that I belong to that organization.  I've lost count of how many times I've had work in their shows, and I am always pleased with the quality of every aspect of the operation.  Bill Reker does a great job of finding venues for the traveling shows and manages all the hassle of shipping.  Hats off to Bill and to SAQA for world-class show management.  Thank you!


Update:  the huge quilt on the left wall is Letters from a Friend II, by Els van Baarle


  1. The huge piece in the same clour scheme may be by Els van Baarle. It reminds me of work of hers that I have seen.

  2. That work is called Letters from a Friend II. 2014 (By Els van Baarle)
    107" x 90"
    Used envelopes, wax. Silkscreened, waxed, stitched.
    This work commemorates the death of a friend. He collected stamps and also the used envelopes. The materials do not have any value, but the memories do.
    I'm sorry I did not give you this infromation before. Jackie Watkins

  3. Congrats Kathy... look what happens when you open up to quilts again!