Saturday, November 30, 2019

Last week on Art With a Needle

Last week started in frustration (trying to get going on my annual ornaments), took a break for a big Thanksgiving feast, then ended in a LOT of sewing.

I worked on ornaments, now that I have finally pretty much figured out what to do, plus two small postage stamp quilts that I want to put into the holiday show at PYRO Gallery and must be finished by Monday or Tuesday.

Every December we have a group show at the gallery, in which every member of the co-op has work on display, and we try to include things toward the inexpensive end of the scale to be more appealing for gift purchases.  I am mostly showing old work, because my artmaking is focused on a solo show that will open in mid-June -- not all that far off.  But I thought I would make a couple of new postage stamp pieces because they have sold well in the past.  So here they are, sewed together, awaiting their hanging rods.

Readers left a bunch of comments about not being able to find things.  Anne wrote: "That's what always happens when I try to clean up.  I can't find stuff!"  Rose wrote: "I can so relate to spending hours hunting for something.  Too often for me, it is something I have just had.  And then there are the times I spend half an hour looking for something I have had and haven't moved since I had it last!"

Carol wrote: "What I hate is when I think I am not going to use a tool anymore and gift it to someone.  Then a blog friend piques my interest again and I have to decide if I want to buy another one."  Amen, Carol -- and I wish I remembered who has my embellisher machine (aka needle-felter), which I did not give away but loaned, maybe three years ago?  and it has never come home...

Finally, Boomer Rose wanted to see exactly what I'm making for the ornament because she might be able to make some before Christmas.  I don't want to post photos of the ornaments until Christmas Day, because many of the recipients are readers of the blog and I don't want to spoil the surprise.  But Rose, if you send me your email, I'll send you pictures and helpful hints.  Same goes for anybody else who might be inspired to make some little goodies for your tree.

And there's still time (until Monday) to leave a comment and maybe you can be the lucky reader to get an ornament all your own! 

Here's my favorite miniature of the week:


  1. Hi Kathy... have to say you are the inspiration that lights up my Christmas every year and no exception here. The pieces for PYRO are wonderful and the idea that you are up to the ornaments again is always a little push to Get GOING!! I love that you will be thinking about Embellisher art again - find that machine! Sending holiday hugs from the north!

  2. I love your postage stamps...I have been wanting to do something sort of like that for a long time. Maybe this post will spur me on.

  3. Me again! I'd love to see what you are making! Email: I bought an advent calendar for my 2 1/2yr old granddaughter, and promptly lost it in the clutter of my sewing room. Searched online and ordered another one, started sewing and got it to Charlotte December 1st as she was waking up from her afternoon nap. Whew!!

  4. Oh, those gadgets and notions. Every time I tidy up I find something which I wonder how I managed without since I absolutely had to buy it at the time. Then I remember having bought some notion which I have no idea of its whereabouts.