Thursday, January 14, 2010

This week's art-a-day

Here's the second week of photos in my 2010 performance art project: one photo per day.  I'm happy to report that the self-imposed task of taking a picture every day has on at least one occasion induced me to turn off the trash TV, leave my cozy studio, get all bundled up and venture into the cold, nasty slushy world outside -- because I needed to take that photo before it got dark!  The old me would have said "I walked for almost an hour yesterday, let's just skip the exercise today."

January 8 -- wish I'd made this art

January 9 -- little girl, big coat

January 10 -- Eiffel Jr. was here

January 11 -- shoveling only enough for the mailman to bring my mail (to hell with the other pedestrians) (no, this isn't our sidewalk -- we don't even have a sidewalk but if we did we would shovel it!!)
January 12 -- in the alley again

January 13 -- shadows

January 14 -- garage doors

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