Saturday, September 25, 2010


September 19 -- dogwood

September 20 -- optics

September 21 -- night vision

September 22 -- looking up

September 23 -- good cord, bad cord

September 24 -- chipping away

September 25 -- corn wheel


  1. I love good cord, bad corn. Bad Corn is definitely trying to get Good Cord to curlup.

  2. I love good cord bad cord too. Mine is always bad cord.

    However, Night Vision is outstanding!

  3. Christine -- beats me! I don't even know if it's called a corn wheel. We saw it in somebody's front yard. I assume it's for birds to eat?

  4. The corn wheel is a squirrel feeder. It's supposed to help keep squirrels away from bird feeders. I looked up an ad for them that says it "...provides food for the squirrels and entertainment for you." (But with the $$$$ we just spent getting the squirrels out of our crawl space and attic, I'm not in the mood to attract them to an amusement park in my yard!!!) :D