Friday, September 17, 2010

The post-Quilt-National blues

Judy Kirpich commented on my blog the other day about suffering "the Post-Quilt National blues."  (The receive-by deadline was a week ago today.) There's always a reaction when a huge deadline has been met -- sometimes you feel down, sometimes you feel downright giddy, sometimes you feel like doing something totally off the beaten path.  I got together with two friends last weekend who had also devoted considerable effort to their QN entries, and we decided that we're going to schedule a serious party in future years to celebrate our passage of this milestone.  In 2012, according to current plan, we're going to Marfa, Texas and see minimalist art.

But this year I felt a certain exhilaration about finishing my QN work, and as I stowed my QN paperwork into my orange show entry folder, I noticed another call for entries that I had printed out some time ago and stuck into the same folder.  It was at a regional museum, the 55th year of this juried all-media show.  Well, not exactly all-media -- they specified no photography and no fabric art.

Earlier I had read these rules and decided that if they didn't want "fabric art" I didn't want to enter their show.  But this week I was feeling giddy, the entry fee was only $15, and it seemed like a lark to try to get some of my collage work into a show for the first time.  I decided to make a new piece, started on Tuesday, and by last night had it finished and ready for photography this afternoon (postmark deadline tomorrow).  Besides, by making art I was justified in postponing my studio clean-up.

It wasn't that herculean an effort -- I went back to my calligraphy practice sheets, tore them up into bits and mounted the bits on a pre-stretched canvas.  And just because they said no fabric art, I decided to sew on it as an in-your-face gesture.  For the second entry, I hauled out a small collage I had made last year, using an old book cover as the support, spiffed it up just a bit and sent it in too.

I suspect this is $15 down the drain, but I like to think of it as my contribution to the art scene.  And it certainly is nice to be able to produce a show entry in three days rather than three months, as with my QN quilts.  I'll keep you posted, but for now I'm feeling pretty cheerful, no post-QN blues at all! 

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  1. I love that you you decided to do this. It makes me smile. Good for you!

  2. Best wishes on these entries! I am depressed to hear that the best time to send entries to a show is Late, not early as I did to QN. I'm trying to get that idea out of my mind.

  3. I'll keep my fingers crossed for both of your entries. To be honest, I'm pretty sure you'll get into QN - but I sooo hope you'll get into that "no fabric art" show !! Just because of that "no-no"-rule ...

  4. thanks for the vote of confidence, hexle!!! I hope you're right