Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More synchronicity

As I reviewed my photos from Quilt National, I was getting ready to do a blog post about the several pairs of quilts that seemed to be strangely similar -- twins separated at birth.  One of the pairs I was going to show you was this:

Lura Schwarz Smith, Granite Shadows

Cynthia Friedman, The Outing

Then I went to another fiber art show on Saturday in Morehead KY, "Common Threads: Contemporary Textile Art in the Commonwealth," sponsored by the Surface Design Association.  And saw this quilt:

Caryl Bryer Fallert, Casting a Long Shadow

Not twins but triplets.


  1. When I asked Jennifer about photos of the exhibit in Morehead, she said that she will be posting some that she took but also you took pictures as well. Will you be sharing them here?

  2. yes, I'm working on that post now -- stay tuned