Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quilt National report 2 -- hand stitching

When I visit a quilt show I like to look for trends and patterns.  The first impression I had of this year's Quilt National was of LOTS of hand stitching!  In many cases those stitches did hold the layers together, but their primary purpose was generally as as a design element rather than simply functional quilting.  I'll show you detail shots of some of the pieces that caught my fancy.  (I hope you'll pop for the catalog and be able to savor all the quilts, not just the details!)

Anne Woringer, Ciel de Traine

Barbara Watler, Banana Bloom

Alison Muir, Ancient Messages

Olga Norris, Ponder

Pamela Fitzsimons, Werekata Moon

Louise Silk, Tree of Life

Judy Martin, Cross My Heart

Judy Rush, Portrait of the Youngest Girl 1


  1. Hurray!! Love to hand stitch and hand quilt - Glad its not going out of style!!

  2. yum - those details are almost like touching the stitches...