Saturday, June 11, 2011

Old work revisited

While I was at the Nancy Crow barn recently, I took a bunch of old quilt projects, most of them partially finished, that I had brought home from previous workshops and never completed for one reason or another.  Here's one that was actually finished -- the piecing, at least -- but never quilted, even though I liked it a lot. 

Layout 1 (unquilted)

I had made it as an exercise in the first workshop I ever took with Nancy, in summer 2003.  But it has been folded up in a plastic bag ever since.  In my mind, it was so big (about six feet wide) that quilting would have been a formidable task, and I never got around to it.  Instead, I came home from the barn and made two more quilts in the same series, smaller than the original, both of which had good success on the show circuit.

Layout 2

Layout 3

It was with great curiosity that I unpacked Number One and pinned it up on the big end wall of the barn, only six feet to the right of where it had been made in the first place.  The evaluation: it still looks pretty good, but my style has certainly changed a lot in the intervening eight years.  I would still like to get it quilted, but will probably never show it, unless I return to the Layout series.


  1. wow! so many possibilities! Its nice that you took them out. I finally decided that there are some UFO's that I would never get done so I put them up on Ebay or gave them away. Others - like this one - was really interesting after years.

  2. Contemporary Quilt and Fiver Artists had the pleasure of seeing Layout #2 and #3 in person when you conducted your strip piecing workshops in Cincinnati during your visit in March. I especially like your use of a wide range of values, the color palette, the improvisational cutting, and the very effective diagonal quilting. Dynamic!

  3. Your quilts are marvelous and your blog is very exciting. Thanks for the reports from Quilt National. I'll stop by often.
    best, nadia