Friday, June 3, 2011

A new quilt out in public

Early this year I took a workshop in screen printing from Jane Dunnewold, and wrote about being energized to start a new quilt with my badly executed attempts to use my new "skill."  I'm pleased to report that the quilt I made had its public debut this week in a show in Rochester NY, in very good company with the work of many other excellent artists.  I can't attend the opening reception tonight but if you're within a stone's throw of Rochester, maybe you'd like to go!

Here's the installation view, with my quilt on the right. 

The show is called Parallax, which means the difference in perception that occurs when the same object is viewed from different angles.  Pat Pauly, who curated the exhibit, asked us to submit quilts that demonstrated some aspect of parallax, and I chose the Civil War.  What event in our history has been seen so differently by those on opposite sides?  You can argue that we're still seeing it today from those different viewpoints.

As we are ticking off the 150th anniversaries of various events in the Civil War, I am continually reminded of the tragedy of that war, by far the bloodiest one in our history, and how close we came to even greater tragedy, the dissolution of our country.  I have decided to do my bit as an artist to reclaim the Civil War from the revisionists and the romanticizers.

So here are the blue and the gray, coming together from their respective parts of the country, each side singing its anthem, mixing it up in the middle, everything awash in rivers of blood. 

Crazed 11: Marching On  2011  55 x 52"  (details below)

The show will continue at Booksmart Studio in Rochester through June 25.


  1. I really appreciate this quilt. Just saw it in the Southern Accents catalog. Thought provoking and beautifully made

    1. thanks! I haven't been able to make it to this show either!!