Monday, February 6, 2012

Package project update 8

My very first bundle of 2011 was kind of an omen: it was a handful or two of fabric bits wrapped up in some tulle.  I love fabric bits; my motto is "if it's big enough to see, it's big enough to save."

It always hurt me to throw away bits, and for many years I have saved any scrap more than an inch wide, pressing and sorting them and often sewing them into quilts that I named "Shards."  Four years ago I had an exciting artistic breakthrough when I started making my postage stamp quilts, using even tinier bits of fabric to make little compositions on the small pieces.

From that point on, of course, I had to save even tinier bits.  I put large plastic bags at my cutting table and at my sewing machine, and started depositing scraps and thread ends into the bags instead of throwing them out.  Since the bits are so tiny it takes a LONG time to fill up a bag, but I do have a good collection of bits in case I want to make little postage stamps --- or incorporate the bits into a bundle.

So to make bundle 1-1 I just dug into my bag and got enough bits to fill up the tulle.

As the year went by I used this concept several times. 

Here's a videotape cassette stripped of its tape and filled with fabric bits.  The tape got braided and used to tie up the bundle.

Here's a pile of polaroid film cassettes filled with fabric bits.

Here's a plastic tube.

Here's a piece of translucent fabric.

Here's a bundle of threads without any container at all.

Still lots of fabric bits left in the bags and the package project is over.    What will I do with them now?  Guess I need to make a new postage stamp quilt.


  1. I save my fabric bits ,then layer them between two pieces of solvy.Sew over them in a back and forth grid. Rinse away the solvy and have a piece of new fabric to play with.