Monday, August 20, 2012

Done piecing again

Yesterday afternoon I finished piecing my third top intended for Quilt National.  In the last two weeks of serious daily sewing I went through the usual cycle of emotions: exhilaration when a module was finished or when I cut strips to start a new area of piecing, frustration and fatigue during the seemingly interminable stretches of sewing, sewing, sewing.

August 6

August 13

But now it's done.  I took a rest for the remainder of the afternoon; cleaned up my sewing area and my big work table, folded up the orange fabrics and put them in their drawer, hung the top on the design wall for a bit of satisfaction before I start quilting.

I have worked on this top for 19 days, more slowly than it probably took to make an equivalent area of piecing in previous quilts because I deliberately made my pieces a lot smaller than I have in the past.  There were moments when I despaired -- would I ever finish?  There were moments of disappointment when I visited a fabric store to buy more of a fabric I had run out of and found none, moments of triumph when I found it at another store, and moments of delight when I found new fabrics to add to the mix.

The last seam!

Today I will sandwich the top and start quilting.

UPDATE:  I've also linked this in to a new feature on Nina-Marie Sayre's blog in which every week artists are invited to show what they're working on.  Check it out to see what a lot of others are up to, with pictures, of course!


  1. congrats on getting through the marathon of sewing. I know that most people don't look at quilting as something that take endurance - but we both know that it sure is!

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing your process. When I enlarged your last photo, to view the seaming, it was only then I realized that Between each of the tiny squares, you also had skinny outline strips. Holy Toledo, SewGirl - you are amazing. Loving the look.


  3. I am in awe of your work ethic. Hard to believe that you've done all this piecing in so little time. It is fabulous!

  4. Your work is amazing. Tenacity has it's rewards!

  5. Congratulations on getting it done. You will also manage the quilting now, in no time at all. (Let's just hope no little piece of those white-and-black ones suddenly pops up in the wrong place! You still have three weeks, that is such a lot of time.

  6. I just wanted to say the little bright bits of white/dark stripe make me happy. Not sure how else to describe the little leap of joy when you see something.
    I think this looks like a glad piece (to me). I am looking forward to seeing what the whole thing looks like when the silence is up.
    Sandy in the UK

  7. It's always a surprise to me which of the many fabrics in a quilt like this ends up standing out. Here the orange-white-black stripes maintained their own character rather than blending into the whole. I didn't exactly plan where to put them, but as the quilt took shape I did try to place them for a pleasing overall effect.

    I had used some of this fabric in a previous quilt, and ended up using EVERY SQUARE INCH of it before I finished. Would have liked a bit more at the final stages, but not to be.

  8. Beautiful! So small! Thanks for showing the back so that I could see how you were pressing your seams. I'm always curious about that on other people's work.

  9. The back is really beautiful. I'm in awe of your seams!

  10. I really love this one, can't wait till it's OK for public viewing - hope you will share!

  11. This is terrific! I, too, find the piecing is a bit repetitive, but the results are so satisfying. I love it when I can start to add the quilted designs.

  12. This is so beautiful. I can appreciate how much work went into it, and all worth it.