Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The New Guy is here!

The new baby finally arrived yesterday evening, and his name is Luke.

And here's the perfect baby quilt.

Aren't you impressed?  That in less than twelve hours I have not only whipped out something with his name on it, but gotten it quilted and bound!

I wish.

Faithful readers of this blog may think this looks kind of familiar, and that's because I showed it to you a couple of years ago.

The quilt was made about ten years ago for another Luke, who lives in Australia.  It was one of the first pieces I made with my own hand-dyed fabrics, right after I learned about dyeing.  I still like the colors, the design, and the quilting (which I have no recollection of doing, but apparently did a pretty decent job of, combining free-motion spirals on the large empty blocks with diagonal grid checkerboards on the four-patch blocks).  Unlike many pieces that I made early in my quilting life, I'd be perfectly happy and proud to give this one away today.

But New Luke will just have to wait a bit for a big present.  (Heck, his grandmother and I just barely finished the quilt we made for his big brother, age four, so you can see that deadlines are somewhat flexible in this family.)


  1. I finally finished my grandson's quilt for his 2nd birthday this summer. Babies less than a year old are not supposed to sleep with any kind of blankets or quilts according to my daughter's pediatrician, so I felt there was no hurry! The Luke quilt is wonderful!

  2. 4 years - that's nothing! My sister has just finished a wedding present quilt for one of our nephews in time for their tenth anniversary. Meanwhile both their sons got cot quilts because I made them! And the wedding present quilt became a family joke.