Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Such a deal

So shortly after being made crabby by the Sunday paper the other day, I found another article that didn't do much to improve my disposition.  It was a little squib about a textile designer and a fashion designer (two different people) who are making "limited-edition quilts with repurposed materials."  The quilt is 71 x 57 and sells for $3,400.

The Araks/Emily Kroll Limited-Edition Quilt

"The quilts are an ode to traditional American craftsmanship," according to the New York Times, "each handmade in Sugar Valley, Pa., by Amish artisans piecing together the panels of hunter green neoprene, lavender silk and cobalt blue wool to create a Bauhaus-like canvas that can be mounted on the wall as a piece of art or simply draped over the bed for a chic night's sleep."

You can order it with or without a hanging sleeve, no extra cost, depending on which way you want to use it.

A lot to wonder about here.  Such as how those Amish artisans, brimming with craftsmanship, like working with neoprene.  Such as how much leftover green neoprene this woman has come up with, and where, and what it was used for the first time around.  Such as what material the white is.

Such as how it's going to work to put silk, neoprene and wool into the same quilt,  tie it every five inches or so, and hang it vertically to sag and bulge.  Such as how it would feel to sleep under a neoprene quilt.  Such as if you wanted to spend $3,400 for a bed quilt wouldn't you want it quilted, not just tied, and wouldn't you want it to be at least big enough for a twin bed.

I do like the red in the bottom corner.  Wonder if that's neoprene too.


  1. Saw this on Judy's blog last night, too. In addition to everything you've both mentioned, it's just plain ugly and awkward, in my opinion. Like all those horrid designer clothes.

  2. I just LOVE Marketing! Whe needs a good product when you can just get yourself a good marketing director?

    Where's your columnist now, saying we could sew that at home ourselves??? :)

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it is probably a good thing that it is a limited edition. However, I consistenly overestimate the public, so it is very likely that they will sell out.

  3. Kathy, you are so bang on. Can't add anything else, except admiration for the perfect critique.


  4. Some days you are IN. And some days you are OUT.

    We need to rally our own marketing chops to get some real (chic?) art out there.

  5. As an antidote, have a look at the Bosna Quilt Workshop (http://www.bosnaquilt.at/). The quilts are designed by a professional in Austria and made by homeworkers, who are featured in the Werkstatt section of the site and add their own quilting patterns.

    1. these are lovely! thanks for the link

  6. ha ha ha ha ha
    thanks for this
    appreciating your wit as I go into a difficult day

  7. One word- AAAARUUUUGH! Those 'Amish Artisans' are too rich for my blood. And ummm, silk, wool, and neoprene together at last- ahead of their time.