Saturday, May 11, 2013

Art readers' digest

Lucy Lippard, keynote address at a symposium, "The Feminist Future," at Museum of Modern Art, 2007:

"I've always been ocsessed with the collage esthetic that defines so much feminist art -- a layered, cumulative mode.....  Collage is about shifting relationships, juxtaposition and superimposition, gluing and ungluing.  It's an esthetic that willfully takes apart what is or is supposed to be and rearranges it in ways that suggest what could be.  Collage makes something of contradictions.  It contains the possibilty of visual puns, accessible contrasts and irony.  It's also the medium of surprise, which can shake us out of our stupors.

"Collaboration is the social extension of the collage esthetic, and it characterizes a lot of women's art.  Collaboration has long been a weapon against the powerful sense of alienation that characterizes late capitalism, which divides and separates through specialization at the same time that it homogenizes.  Putting things together without divesting them of their own identities is a metaphor for cultural democracy, the diametric opposite of a global corporate culture."

a few of my daily collages


  1. Dear Kathy,
    Collage seems to suit you as a daily art project; thanks for sharing some.

    Imagine my surprise when I encountered a quote from "established art quilter Kathleen Loomis" in the Friday Wall Street Journal! It was a very timely article on the Modern Quilt Guild's convention, since my traditional guild her in Co Springs had just had as a speaker Latifah ___, one of the co-founders of the L.A. group. I don't know that they're all that "modern" or "untraditional", but the more the merrier, I say.

    Thanks for making me feel famous by a very thin connection!
    Linda Laird

    1. Yes, it was a surprise to be asked for comment on that story! I will write about it in a coming post.