Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Junk art -- the tutorial 1

I had the pleasure yesterday of working with three fourth-grade classes to help them make art from found objects (aka junk), a gig that was arranged by my friend and fellow fiber artist Melinda Snyder, their art teacher.  A month ago Melinda shared some photos of my found-object art and instructed the kids to start finding their own stuff at home or on the street.

I told them that the most important thing in making art from miscellaneous stuff is to think of a way to make the disparate things play well together.  Six different methods came to mind, each one illustratable by some work from the show I had in spring.

First, make a picture.

My Valentine

Hot Lips

Second, find a "picture" in an intriguing object.

Gator on a Leash

Beyond the Blue Horizon

Third, use multiples.


104 Counts of Assaulting a Battery, an AA Felony


Hey, that's enough for one day.  Tomorrow I'll tell you about three more methods of organizing junk into art.

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  1. These are wonderful! Kids are great and I know you had a great experience.