Thursday, November 7, 2013

For your crabby reading pleasure 2

From the fashion column:

"Problem: My daughter is having her second wedding at 10:30 a.m. in the yard of her new home."

"Expert opinion:  Wear a simple, knee- or tea-length lightweight dress.  Opt for a soft color:  Black in the daytime is really a bad idea, white steals from the bride, and red is considered too celebratory."


What occasion is more celebratory than a wedding???

Jean-Paul Gualtier

(well, maybe this dress is a bit too celebratory)


  1. My aunt married for the third or fourth time (I'm not absolutely sure) in Cerise.. It seemed suitable and suited her.. I wore floor-length purple with ruffles (1970s).. Then again, they could be right, perhaps some weddings should not be celebrated?

  2. Thanks for the good morning laugh!

  3. Where can you get such a dress?!?

  4. Jean-Paul Gaultier, there's nobody like him.... That dress might be a bit much for a wedding, I suppose, but it would make for a truly memorable event.