Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lost and found -- good news

One of my daily art projects for 2011 wasn't really daily, more like weekly.  I was making bundles or packages of stuff that I found lying around, either indoors or out, at least one every week.  Some weeks I'd make several if opportunity presented itself.

One week in particular I made a bunch of bundles, since we were at the beach and not doing much except walking in the sand and picking up shells anyway.  There were six, and I carefully put them into plastic bags and cushioned them so they wouldn't get broken or unbundled on the way home.  In a masterpiece of bad vacation planning, we had only one day between getting home from the beach and setting out for a cruise, so between unpacking the suitcases, doing laundry and repacking, some things never did get properly put away.

You guessed it immediately, but I didn't figure it out until eight months later when I was trying to document all the bundles I'd made during the year.  I realized with a terrible sinking sensation that the ones from the beach had never been unpacked and put in the big bag with all the other ones.  I searched around in what I thought were obvious places but never could find them.

At least I had the photos, I told myself, trying to get used to the concept of having lost some of my work for the year.  Heck, what's the point of a daily or weekly art project if you can't assemble the whole thing when it's over?

Time passed.

The other night I was looking for some crocheting to do while we watched TV.  It has just recently gotten cool enough that I want to have an afghan over my lap in the evening.  So I found a bag with a project already begun and worked on it during the movie.  As I was packing up afterwards I noticed the bag was kind of heavy and rooted around to see what was in the bottom besides three more skeins of yarn.

Of course it was the bundles from the beach; apparently I had taken that afghan along on the trip and not looked at it since.  I am so happy, having almost but not quite resigned myself to them being lost forever (or should I say misplaced forever, if there's a difference).

You might wonder how a bag of half-finished crocheting could sit around for two and a half years without being investigated.  But believe me, that's easy.  I own lots of tote bags, and many, many of them contain half-finished crocheting.  Guess I need to watch more TV and work on those afghans!


  1. "how a bag of half-finished crocheting could sit around for two and a half years "?
    No, I don't wonder about that at ALL. :) Amazing luck that you happened to start that particular one so soon.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  2. When you said the parcels were bits of shells and things I was thinking you were going to say you wondered what was rather whiffy in a cupboard!

    Actually that happened to me, a lady gave me a faux lambskin mattress cover. The sides were gone, but she thought I could use the wooly part for kids costumes, which I was doing at the time. I put the bag in with my other fake fur stuff and put it in the drawer under the bed. from time to time I would wonder what was wrong with the mattress or the pillow or what was pretty smelly. Eventually I went to look through the fake fur for something and was nearly knocked out when I opened the drawer. I thought something had got into it! but when I found the source, it was a bit of cheese spread (little triangle in foil that they sell here). She had missed uploading it with her shopping and then reused the bag to give me the fake lambskin! It got a lot better smelling round the bed after that!

  3. "how a bag of half-finished crocheting could sit around for two and a half years "?
    Who wonders that?? I wouldn't. I too own a lot of tote bags with rather similar contents. :)

  4. oh yes! I am organized but not neat, I can understand completely, I have found lots of lost projects and fabrics I have been searching for forever. I'm glad you found your treasure. I found You on Off the Wall Friday