Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Workshop report 2 -- small-to-large

I wrote yesterday about "large-to-small," one of the two ways that I classify my styles of fine-line piecing.  Now here's the opposite, in which you assemble lots of small pieces of fabric and sew them together, row by row, until you end up with a large expanse.  It's a much more flexible approach than large-to-small, because it's so simple to undo and restitch a two-inch seam if you want to move a bit to or from somewhere else.

Here are some examples of what the workshop participants came up with.  Already they were developing different approaches to working with their colors:

grouping of colors: dark at the bottom 

grouping of colors: dark in the center

grouping of colors: a column of purple

adding more lines for greater density at a focal area

using striped fabric for the skinny lines (some strips cut with the stripes, some cut across)

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