Friday, March 7, 2014

As seen on TV

Seen in a TV commercial:

Daughter, 40-something, bursts through the front door, calling "Mom!  What happened?"

Distraught Mom and another daughter are already in the kitchen, worried.  Dad, wearing an arm sling and a vague grin, wanders by but doesn't speak.

Mom explains, "Well, he was up on the ladder cleaning the gutters and he slipped."  Pause, while all three women look grim.  "Thank goodness he's OK."

The other daughter looks concerned and serious: "Mom, have you and Dad thought about Final Expense Insurance?"


  1. That commercial drives me insane. I scream at the TV every time it comes on. "You people need to make sure your funeral is paid for because we aren't sure going to pay for it and we don't want to spend any inheritance on it either."

  2. How about the one with a minister laying in bed with three choir members trying to sell mops!! What is wrong with this picture?