Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Donegal tweed -- the real thing 3

Studio Donegal sells wool in many forms:  yarn, yardage, knitted and woven blankets and garments.  I didn't buy much, but I did walk around and feel the goods a lot.

And here's what I got for myself:  a scarf that perfectly matches the shirt that I wore almost every day of the trip, and a bunch of tweed scraps. The scraps were supposed to be sold for 10 euros a kilo, but the clerk who waited on me couldn't figure out the right price, so she gave them to me for nothing.


  1. I loved it there! Bought a few things there some 15 years ago. Still sorry for that great hut I lost lateron . Last year we past Kilcar on the weekend... and the Donegal Studio was closed. Made me really sad.

  2. that sounds like a really fun trip. I love the scarf you got!