Saturday, June 28, 2014

More trendy embroidery

So what's with embroidery and music videos?  Last week I linked to a video that was made by machine-embroidering every cel of a long amination sequence.  This week I discovered another video made with the spools and tools that you have in your studio.  This one is even better -- you won't just marvel that it was all done on an embroidery machine, you'll love every second of watching your favorite stuff dancing.

Take 1,000 spools of Isacord and start building!

Full disclosure -- I rarely listen to the music in this kind of video, just watch the pictures.  They're mesmerizing!  Check it out.


  1. oops -- my bad -- I used screen shots that have play buttons, but the play buttons don't work.

    use the links in the first paragraph of the post to get you to videos that you can actually play!

  2. That was awesome, thank you so much for the link

  3. Loved this, thanks! I'll be sharing it.