Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I need your help!!

Yes, the book that I have been toiling over for much of my adult life is slouching toward Bethlehem, ready to be born.

But I need your help.

I am sure there is a traditional quilt block that resembles this layout, but I can't attach a name to it.  Can you identify a block that looks either just like this or something sorta like this?

My eternal gratitude will follow.

(And by the way, the real book will have much better line drawings than this, thanks to a real graphic artist, not me and my drawing tools in Word.)


  1. Craftsy is still selling a kit with that pattern called Under the Stars.

  2. has a very similar block called "King's X," except they use smaller squares to form the same design. Your blocks are very much like "string" blocks using specific widths of fabric.

  3. The traditional name for this quilt pattern is 'Strip Quilt'. The original piecing came from old Swedish quilts, to use up scrap garment fabrics. You can also see another version of this pattern, with Prairie Points randomly inserted in the last section of this Martingale publication:

  4. Could also be achieved using postage stamp blocks and HST, similar to Around the World quilts? but smaller scale and multiplied.

  5. Anonymous is my new BFF! King's Cross or King's X is the name I was searching for. Thanks so much. (and of course as Diane points out it's a string quilt -- that's the whole shtik behind my book, that you sew some strips together to make "rails" and put the blocks together you get "rail fence" quilts.

    THANK YOU to all! I knew I could count on you.