Thursday, September 18, 2014

Last-minute opportunity!

When the weather finally starts to hint that summer is ending and fall is coming, don't you get a big surge of energy and excitement?  When you're a kid, or when you have kids around, much of that surge goes into the new school year, but for the rest of us, perhaps a new adventure is just the thing.

If you're seeking such an adventure, may I suggest that you can still sign up for a week at the Crow Barn to learn about fine-line piecing from me.  It's going to be a small class with lots of hands-on teacher time, and there's still room for you and your BFF.  The dates: October 13-17.

The Crow Barn is simply the finest facility on the planet for a quilt workshop, with big worktables, a full eight feet of floor-to-ceiling design walls, and your meals and snacks prepared for you right there.  My class will be downstairs so we'll have the added benefit of being able to have our coffee and tea right there at the worktables, a big boon for caffeinistas like  me.

I've taught this workshop as a one-day (in Japan -- read about it HERE) and as a two-day (in Florida -- read about it HERE and HERE) and in both cases participants have said they wished for more time to explore the different methods of construction and to attempt larger and more complex compositions.  So I'm excited about having five days to work with this fascinating technique.

Many art and quilt/art teachers have you start with a vision and then help you figure out how to execute it.  I come at my own work -- and at my teaching -- from the opposite direction; I'm a process girl.

I love to start cutting and sewing and putting bits and pieces onto the wall and then wait for the fabric to start telling me what it wants to be.  I find that to be a much lower-stress way to operate, and with the right "process recipe" to guide your cutting and sewing, it's really hard to make something awful.  Indeed, you'll be able to make compositions of surprising complexity and sophistication with surprisingly simple construction techniques.

So if you need a fall adventure and have wanted to take your quilt/art to a new level, this might be just the ticket. Ohio in October is great, and the Crow Barn is a pretty good place in which to experience it.

Click HERE to read more about the workshop.  And if you sign up I promise you a good time and a lot of learning.