Monday, September 1, 2014

Still more fiber at Morehead

More of the fiber pieces I liked at the Bluegrass Biennial, unfortunately no longer on exhibit:

Marti Plager, Crawling Along

Barrett Shaw, Mandelbrot Set Crop Circle (detail below)

Plus two other pieces that I fell in love with and have to show you, even though they're not fiber.

Larry May, Up On Black Mountain  (detail below)

The line of trees in front of the oil-painted mountain is a rusty saw blade.

Steve Armstrong, Heartland (detail below)

Yes, you're allowed to turn the crank and some of the little guys work (especially suitable for Labor Day).

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  1. Clever!
    My husband and son were asking me about Labor Day, but I couldn't remember the purpose (other than a holiday!). I did dredge up some recollection of Unions and a foggy memory of a photo of someone called McCarthy (?) with heavy eyebrows from a history book. But I am not even sure those memories have anything to do with it, even if they are accurate memories in the first place!
    I love history, and took extra history classes in high school. But was never interested in anything newer than WWII.
    Yes, I could google it, but it is better to hear from a real person. ;-)