Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My new toys

Wandering through the craft/fabric store the other day I saw that all the fancy Fiskars cutting devices were 40% off, so I bought myself two large hole punches.  One cuts circles an inch in diameter, the other a bit more than 5/8".  I thought these would be helpful in my daily collages, where I have occasionally used the holes from my standard 1/4" punch as design elements.

The first day I cut holes from a good quality catalog, printed on substantial coated stock, and they looked great.  Yesterday I tried to cut holes from newsprint, and was unhappy.

coated stock


I understand that blades get dull with use, especially when you cut paper.  I don't understand how a blade starts out dull when it comes from a manufacturer customarily known for its high quality.  I own Fiskars scissors that have been used for decades, and while they may not cut silk any more, they can sure cut newsprint.

Always sad when a brand name you thought you could trust lets you down.  I guess I'll just cut my newsprint circles freehand and save the punch for heavier paper.  But I'll be unhappy.


  1. Why don't you try stiffening the newspaper first with a little spray starch? I found that I could cut circles out of teabags if I ironed them first.
    Joanne in Canada

    1. That's a good idea -- but do I even own spray starch? here's hoping I can remember that tip when I decide I need it!

  2. How about inserting card stock together with the piece of news print, cutting these two layers in one punch? Never mind that you might not need a card stock circle at the time.

  3. You can also punch aluminum foil to try to "sharpen" the punch.