Friday, March 10, 2017

Feeling better about divestiture

The other day I wrote about getting rid of little bundles of fabric left over from clothes and curtains and things that I made decades ago.  I dutifully pitched the stuff, but it wasn't without some qualms -- not that I thought I would ever use the bits from garments I hadn't seen in 40 years, but it seemed so final to throw away things I had carefully saved all those years.  They seemed to be tangible connections to my past, and to accomplishments and pleasures that were very important at the time.

But then I had an inspiration.  I could save out some smaller pieces and make little people from them!

That struck me as the perfect way to retain my memories of beautiful dresses from the past, yet let the bundles of leftovers depart.

I had already put dozens of leftover bundles into the discard pile the previous week, and I'm proud to say that I didn't go back and retrieve them, but I did cut chunks of a bunch of remnants that I had just discovered.  Here are some of the little people I made from them:


  1. I've kept many bundles from clothes I've sewn. When I saw your prior post my first thought was that you were going to make some little people out of them. Good for you for not dipping into the discard bag. And I love the variety of the people.

    I've recently given away several banker-size boxes of fabric to a woman at a nursing home. She cuts everything into squares, makes a quilt and sells it for spending money. Much better than sitting in a box in my storage.

  2. I love your little people – they each have such a personality. I could easily see that making one a day could become one's "daily practice". Do your little people have armatures inside them?
    Vancouver Barbara

    1. so far no armatures, except that some of the very small ones with long white dresses have 2 inches of drinking straw inside the skirt so they can theoretically be placed onto a spool rack without having to mess up their insides. I wanted to explore the stiffness of rolled and wrapped fabric without interior armature.

      that's not to say that I won't use armatures in the future, as I still haven't approached the question of how to make them stand up for display.

  3. I'm LOVING your "people." They are each so interesting; I'm amazed how different each one is. I, too, have trouble getting rid of things--maybe it is the sentiment behind each thing; maybe it is the money spent/wasted. Whatever it is, I find it REALLY hard.