Thursday, January 25, 2018

Daily art report 1

Three weeks into my new daily art project, it's time for a first report.  I have to say, I'm feeling kind of off-balance about this project.  I always expect that at the start of a year, no matter how the project is defined, but this year seems worse than usual.  My project is to do something with a map every day, but with no strictures on what that "something" might entail.

One of my great joys in doing daily art is watching the work accumulate -- the pile gets higher, the stitched areas get bigger, the sketchbook fills up, there's a new blog post every day or every week.   But because of the way I defined the project this year, that's not happening with the regularity I've grown to expect and like. 

In the first 24 days, I've worked on a 3-D assemblage, two different collages, a stitched piece and a large drawn map.  I've drawn in one sketchbook 10 times and in a second book once.  I've spent several days on the computer, getting Google maps for two different projects printed out to the proper scale and pasted together.

Every night I write down what I did in my master calendar, the only place where everything is recorded.  But the various things that I have made or worked on are scattered around in the studio or the office or the dining room table or the backseat of the car (because I had to take my Odyssey map to show off at book club).  That makes me feel a bit uncertain.

Also, so far I haven't made a single post to my Daily Art blog, where I usually document everything I do, because I haven't figured out how I want to treat work in progress.  I guess the best way is to wait till it's finished and then photograph it, whatever it is.  And meanwhile, I'd better develop a place to put the completed work, or at least a list of where I've stashed it, considering that pieces will be of different sizes, shapes and natures and won't fit comfortably into a single box.

I knew this project was going to stretch my comfort zone, but I didn't know I would feel this nervous about the bureaucratic part of the task.  I feel pretty good about the artistic part, so I suppose my best plan is to start taking pictures and showing you whatever I can about what I'm making and talk about what I've learned.  I'll do that in several posts coming up.

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