Friday, February 5, 2010

Final exam -- LA Art

Final exam:  for each of the following installations, say whether it's art or not art.




Answers later -- give me a minute to mark the papers. 

You may be interested in the program we attended; I would recommend it!  It was put on by Elderhostel, the venerable and respected organization that puts on educational sessions for geezers.  (Elderhostel is now changing its famous name to Exploritas, one of those names that nobody will ever understand or remember, because they think the baby boomers will be embarrassed to be thought of as "elder."  Well, until it comes time to step up and claim the senior discount.) 

This program is called "Art Collectors and Their Collections" and it's offered several times a year.  Headquarters is a very nice hotel in Monrovia, with Trader Joe's (wine lovers will know it as the home of Two Buck Chuck) and a good Japanese restaurant within walking distance.

Final exam answers: 
1. not art (rainy day at the Huntington Library) 

2. art (Cady Noland, Misc. Spill, at the Geffen Center, Museum of Contemporary Art) 

3. not art (rainy day at the Norton Simon Museum)


  1. That is funny, Kathy! I guessed that number 2 was the real art because the other two were so obviously custodial and within a gallery space occupied by real art. Cady's piece looked as if it was refuse in a waste area. Context, Context, Context. I assume this piece was actually in a gallery space with other similar installation artists. Thanks for the humour on a dreary day in S.C.

  2. Number 2 was indeed in a gallery space (but in a corner). Even so, I had to look closely to make sure it wasn't just construction debris. For me the flag was the first tipoff. The sign on the wall with the artist's name was the second.

  3. Exploritas? to rhyme with arthritis? What were they thinking?

    You cheated--the photographs are all art!

    Mary Anne in Kentucky