Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Embroidery tutorial 5 -- blanket stitch

I realized while writing about the various stitches that I have been using in my daily art project that I really don't love the elaborate, esoteric stitches that you have to look up in the book.  I'm happier using the familiar stitches that I learned as a child, but trying to loosen up and do interesting and original things with them.

I've been reading an excellent book, "Stitch Magic," by Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn, which urges readers to bend the rules with familiar stitches.  For instance, they suggest you can execute stitches in regular or irregular patterns, going horizontally or vertically, making squares or triangles, in rows or in  haphazard meanders.  I'm trying to use this approach with my daily doodles; not sure I have mastered the concept but I'm working on it.

Recently I've been using a lot of blanket stitch to see whether I can break away from the formal stitch and use it improvisationally or creatively.  I think I made some progress, but not a lot.  It's hard to break away from the innate regularity of the stitch.  Here are some of my doodles.

I think this is my favorite.


  1. The blanket stitch is one of my favorites, along with french knots.

  2. I know -- I copy a lot of my embroideries from you

  3. I love these designs using blanket stitch. I too have the book you mentioned and a few others by Beaney and Littlejohn. They are masters! Thanks.