Monday, October 15, 2012

Daily art update

Another day, another daily art!  It's day 289 and I'm still happy with my hand-stitching project (good thing, because it would be a drag to be sick of it with so far to go, and an embarrassment to give it up).  Since I wrote last about that project  I have been featured in the blog "Make Something 365," which has people doing all kinds of daily art.

I've gotten all my hand-stitching posted to the new blog I created to document all my daily art.  Well, not exactly all -- it often takes me a couple of days to photograph and post the new work, but I do have everything there going back to the beginning of the year.  All my daily and weekly photography projects are also there on the new blog.  Some day when I'm snowed in or under house arrest I hope to get some of my older daily art projects documented there as well.

As the end of the year approaches, I've been thinking about whether I will do a daily art in 2013 and if so, what it will be.

"What shall I do next????"

Right now, I'm leaning toward collage.  I was tempted by a project I read about on the 365 blog in which the artist made a postcard every day, generally with collage elements.  I spent several  years doing daily postcards and could happily go back to that routine, but decided that I'd rather focus just on the collage aspects.  That's the part I find most challenging and interesting, and I think that mailing the art would just add unnecessary complications.  (For instance, I'd have to choose recipients.  The cards would have to be the right size and thickness.  They could have no dangly parts or 3-D elements.  Too many extra things to worry about.  And postage is going up again next year.)

Still undecided about photography.  I'll probably keep Sign of the Week, because that's easy and fun.  Not sure I want to do my weekly Photo Suite again next year; the second time around might not be quite as fresh as the first.  But I do like the discipline, both of having to find art to post every week, and of having to go out on photo walks as frequently as possible to feed the beast.

I'm open to suggestions!!



  1. I'm a fan of postcards - that little 4 by 6 inch space is Just Enough..
    And who says they have to be posted, or practical?
    I was debating Luggage Tags - corny but effective

  2. Yes, the larger sized manila tags are very nice for a bit of collage. I use old stamps my son collected (and left at home), bits of magazines and some freehand drawing. Use them as bookmarks and give them as gifts.

    Like all of us, I am sure you have quite a lot of supplies for all the things you make. why not a photo of one supply or a Suite?

  3. I use letters to go to sleep sometimes, forcing myself to come up with words for each letter in categories. So, one night the category might be food, and it is A is for Apple, B is for beets, etc. But the next night it might be business terms, A is for actuarial tables, B is for blind mailing list, etc. Body parts? A is for adenoids, B is for breastbone, etc.
    Might be fun to do collages this way.

  4. If collage speaks to you, then I'd say make collage your project. My only other thought would be to experiment with a technique you're unfamiliar with (or was that also how you did your embroidery project?).

  5. Hi Kathy, the collage idea for daily art seems like a good one for you. For photography, what about capturing light, and what it does for the composition. Monet talked about painting light, and of course there is Rembrandt. In your walks, the light would play all around you in different ways all the time. I think it could be a fun thing to photograph, and it would keep your artistic eye sharp.