Monday, March 18, 2013

A reader writes in

The main reason people write blogs is to connect with others out there in cyberspace, and it's always great to hear that in fact you have made a connection.  I got a lovely email from a reader the other day and wanted to share it.  It's from Kathy French, a quilter from Michigan:

Thank you for your inspiration and tutorial on skinny lines.  I found you early last summer when I happened upon "And Then We Set it on Fire" and you were the featured artist.  

I love the skinny lines and immediately began playing with them.  Although my work is nowhere near as complex as yours, it is a direct descendent of yours!  I took the two pieces I made and used them in a medallion quilt that I made at Gwen Martson's Beaver Island Quilt Retreat last October.

Many of the class members couldn't believe I actually pieced these lines -- they had to look in the back.

To which I respond that I'm so happy to find a connection, and that my work gave somebody a good idea.  And I like the rest of the quilt built around "my" part, too!  Thanks, Kathy.

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