Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Text Messages -- results in 2

I wrote yesterday about one of the quilts that was rejected from SAQA's Text Messages show.  Here's another one that shared the same fate.

I had a big piece of fabric with words all over it; my sister had used it as a curtain for some years and when it was time to redecorate she sent it to me.  I loved the typography but hated the words (really stupid) so I wanted to cut the fabric into really small, unreadable bits.  I got the idea to make a piece in the style I call "postage stamp" quilts -- a bunch of miniature quilts stitched together into an open grid.  In this piece, the "postage stamps" were about 1 1/4" tall by 1 3/4" wide.

I've made six quilts in this style before, so I have the process pretty well under control.  This one is the smallest ever, so it wasn't that hard to do (in fact, now that it's been rejected for this show, I may be tempted to go back and make it a lot wider than 24", SAQA's requirement).

I realized as I was submitting my entry that the contest rules required each piece to have a 4" sleeve at the top.  This piece doesn't, because it doesn't have a solid area to attach a sleeve to the back of.  Instead it hangs from a rod.

Postage 7: Tower of Babble

Maybe that's why it got rejected from the show, and if so, I certainly deserved it for missing this point in the call for entries.  (But I have to wonder why SAQA, willing to expand the definition of "art quilt" last year to include many types of work that aren't exactly like traditional quilts, wants to be so rigid in its rules for how work is hung.  I wonder if the efficiency of having a whole show full of quilts that can be installed with identical hardware is worth the potential loss of creativity in barring work that is different from the traditional norm.)

Well, no hard feelings -- this quilt, too, will have its day, just not in this show.


  1. yes, it makes sense to hang this with loops from a rod.

  2. I love it. Rules - rules - rules! It should be there despite rules. As if you could put a hanging sleeve on this!

  3. I also think SAQA is shooting itself in the foot by requiring exact dimensions for the quilts in each show. I have often had pieces that fit the theme of the show, but fail to be the exact size and so I have not submitted any quilts in a long time. I had a few quilts with text, but none were the right size.

    1. I think the specific dimensions have two purposes. First, to make a cohesive exhibit, and second, to encourage people to make new work rather than submit pieces they have already made. I see both points, but artists don't always feel strongly enough about a certain theme to make new work -- or in my case, three new pieces. So maybe there's a third purpose, to attract people who are passionate about a given subject.

  4. My quilt was also turned down. Your quilts with the text are very interesting and I'm sure you'll find another venue for them. They deserve to be shown. Mine, I think has some design flaws that I need to fix once I figure out how. Now that the deadline for submission has passed, I'll be more relaxed about it and maybe come up with a big improvement for it.

  5. this is an interesting concept - and omg - if we start wondering why some things are accepted and why they aren't - well that's just a waste of good creating time! Love the attitude that this piece will have its day!

  6. A very interesting piece. I can never seem to make work that hangs traditionally - or that meets the prescribed dimensions etc. I guess we just need to find our own outlet in that situation but good for things like SAQA for getting it all going.

  7. Perhaps no hanging sleeve, but I like it!