Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Collage update -- face front!

Faithful readers may know that I'm doing a daily collage this year (last year too) but I haven't written lately about this project or how it's going.  After 15 months of making my collages on 3x5 cards (actually cards from old library card catalogs, discarded when the libraries went digital) I decided that I wanted to work larger.  Many of the pictures I was cutting out of newspapers and magazines were too big to use in that small format, so I decided to start the second quarter by moving up to a 4x6 card.  Only an inch bigger in each direction, but 60 percent more area to cover.

I will note that 60 percent more area means at least 60 percent faster use of glue sticks, which fortunately I bought in the huge 18-pack.

One of the things I love about daily art is that if you happen upon something intriguing, you can do it again tomorrow and the next day, really exploring lots of variations before you move on.  Recently I went through a phase of face mashups.  Here are some that I think worked particularly well:

You can check out all my collages here.

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