Saturday, July 19, 2014

Collage update -- on the road

I wrote last week about some of the recurring themes in my daily collages, and now that I'm home from yet another trip, thought I would talk a bit about the theme of travel.  One of my criteria for daily art is that it has to be portable, so I can do it even if I'm away from home (thus, no painting or chainsaw sculpture).  With collage, I set off with blank cards, a scissors and a glue stick, and collect printed materials along the way.  As a result, the collages frequently incorporate maps or tourist info that make them a bit like journals or diaries.

Here are some examples:

Oslo: with the famous Gustav Vigeland statue of a little boy having a tantrum


Paris: Napoleon's tomb

Tuscany: a bottle of local wine

Don't you always find that even with a wonderful trip, the perfect length of vacation is about two days less than however long you have planned to stay?  I'm always happy to be heading home.

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  1. Your collage of one of the statues in Vigeland Gardens brought back memories of a trip we took there in 1975. What amazing sculptures! I really admire your commitment to your daily art projects and enjoy seeing snippets of them in your blogposts.