Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Collage update -- the gaze

If you've ever had an art history class you know that "the male gaze" is one of the perennial themes in art criticism.  Modern observers find it notable that through the centuries, much of art has been premised on the fact that men like to ogle women, especially naked ones.  More recently, feminist artists have made a lot of work by flipping that trope upside down, demonstrating that women also like to ogle men, and just how does that make YOU feel, you damn chauvinist pigs?

I find that in my daily collages I've been doing a lot with both male and female gazes.  Here are some that I think turned out pretty nice:

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  1. Male versus Female gaze! That's quite an interesting subject! It really appeal to me as an activist artist! Great work Kathleen!