Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dorothy Caldwell Extravaganza 7

Although I've been stitching into different kinds of fabric since I was five years old, I've never done much on paper or other materials.  When it came time to assemble our various markmaking experiments into little books, Dorothy encouraged us to sew things in rather than use glue.  And that led to interesting textures and results.

Here's a haiku that I sewed into one of my books.

Here's a leaf, sewed between two layers of vellum.  The stitching never pierced the leaf; instead, when I got to the edge of the leaf I put the stitches through just the top layer.

Here are two pieces of interesting paper that I found while taking a walk during lunch break at the workshop.  They wanted to be in my book too so I sewed them in.

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  1. love this. all of it. i carry a gluestick in my goes-everywhere-with-me pouch, but mostly i carry and use needle and thread. it is fun stitching things into my journal. and what a souvenir you have from a most marvelous week.