Friday, July 18, 2014

Good ideas in textiles

On my recent jaunt to Europe I noticed a nifty little quirk in the table linens we encountered in several restaurants -- the napkins have numbers woven into them.  Presumably intended for the home audience, so you can keep the napkins straight for a couple of days before you throw them in the wash.  But also fun to compare numbers in the restaurant while you drink your wine under the grapevine veranda in the sunset.

I can relate to that -- I love cloth napkins and after I haul them out for a special occasion, I want to keep mine for a while.  I know, that's why they invented napkin rings, but this is so much more subtle.

And speaking of subtle, how about sitting down to this elegant table, all in orange...

...until you open your napkin, and find it red on the inside, thanks to a double weave!

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