Friday, July 24, 2015

London museum report 4 -- National Gallery / Van Gogh

On Easter weekend London was packed with tourists, but apparently the great artwork at the National Gallery doesn't have as high a Q-score as the Rosetta Stone.  Although there were plenty of people there, we could actually walk around and see the art.  And what a bunch of art it was!  I'll have to take several posts to show you what I liked.

Today, Vincent Van Gogh.  A mix of familiar pictures and some I've never seen before, even in reproduction.  Who knew he liked crabs?  And hold that thought, because I'll be showing you some more crab art from another museum later on.

Van Gogh's Chair, 1888

Two Crabs, 1889

Sunflowers, 1888

Long Grass with Butterflies, 1890

A Wheatfield with Cypresses, 1889

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  1. Dear Kathy,
    Love the crabs! I knew he lived in the south of France, but was it that far south? Live and Learn.
    Linda Laird