Sunday, July 5, 2015

Photo suite 184 -- flags in trouble

Happy Independence Day!


  1. Questions: Was it windy?
    Is there a meaning behind an upside down flag? (If I knew, I have forgotten.)
    Is there not some law against allowing your flag to get torn and tattered? (I seem to recall this being taught to us.)
    Sandy in the UK...
    for 28 years, so most of the flag lore has dissipated.

  2. Lol. Last year a flag two doors down spent most the summer in the gutter. Why fly a flag and then allow it to sit for weeks blown into a gutter? Patriotism seems to have its limits.

  3. I'm pretty sure I get your message's intent. Not only is the US giving some of its citizens cause to think about their pride in their homeland ... mine too, in Canada.

    I love this blog, your willingness to share, and variety of creative pursuits, you enjoy. Keep it up, girl.