Monday, January 9, 2017

New Year's resolutions

OK, if I haven't convinced you to take up daily art for 2017, or make a huge striped quilt with fine-line piecing, what ARE you going to do to perk up your artistic life in the new year?

Here's another suggestion -- learn Photoshop, or if you already allegedly know it, relearn what you once knew and have forgotten because you haven't used it in way too long a time.  (If your copy is Photoshop Elements 9, I'm talking to you!)

Time for my periodic unpaid testimonial to the Pixeladies, Kris Sazaki and Deb Cashatt, who taught me everything I know about Photoshop and thus enabled me to do all kinds of things that have come in handy, such as this banner for the Pyro Gallery website which I whipped out two weeks ago (yes, that's my flag quilt on the right).

I've written a lot about my experiences in their two online classes -- click here for my posts.

Kris and Deb are starting a new cycle of classes later this month and I guarantee you'll not only learn plenty but have fun.  And they're not very expensive either.  I've dabbled in various online learning approaches, ranging from college credit on down, and by far this is the best-organized and best-supported platform I've ever seen.

As I've said before, these women are not my sisters-in-law and they're not paying me a kickback for referring students.  I'm just a very satisfied customer who thinks you might become another one.

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  1. Belatedly I want to leave a comment thanking you for this wonderful suggestion. I just completed the first Essentials course and will be doing the second one as well. This is exactly what I needed to ease myself into this software. I agree with you, that the platform and organization can't be beat. Yes, I will be doing a lot of photoshopping in 2017, in service of my burgeoning career as an art quilter. I wrote a short post about it (and other things) myself, here: