Monday, January 16, 2017

What is this stuff?

Cleaning out my studio I'm finding a lot of mystery stuff.  A lot of it I realize that I don't want or need, and put it in the grab bag bag.  At least I know what it is.  But I am totally in the dark about this big bag.

Think dozens and dozens of absorbent sheets, kind of like disposable diapers, maybe a half-inch thick, of a shape and size that must be suited for something but I can't imagine it.  Somebody must have given them to me thinking that they would be useful for some phase of fiber art, and I must have agreed, but ??????

Does anybody out there know what these things are?  How would one use them in fiber art?  How would one use them in non-fiber art?  If I wanted to give them away, who would use them?

All suggestions gratefully accepted.


  1. You use them when you are stamping or screen printing. They help make better images. They are actually pads used for elder care. I had a friend give me a few. Use they all the time.

    1. I'm feeling especially stupid this morning -- how do you use them in printing or stamping?

    2. Padded tables are recommended for screen printing and stamping. If you did this all the time, you would likely have a permanent setup. However, these disposable sheets would be a great idea for a temporary work surface or, if you were doing a lot of teaching, for student use. For non fiber art, we have used them as floor coverings for an incontinent cat's final weeks. They are odourless unlike the canine equivalent which is offputting to felines. Sue

  2. They look like Chux to me. These are absorbant pads that we use in hospitals, ECFs, etc. You place them on the bed in case of incontinence. They are very absorbent so they'd be useful as the work surface for lots of textile surface design work. (They aren't lofty enough to cause a problem.)